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19-Aug-2017 07:13

Recently there’s a paparazzi shot of Dome Pakorn Lum holding hand with an anonymous girl, who was thought to be June, a girl rumored to be the cause of his breakup with Paint.

With netizens’s sharp eyes, however, they were able to find out the girl’s identiy.

Her .” Dome admitted that he’s in a relationship with Gusjung. He also complimented that Gusjung is a smart and a hard-working person with bright personality.

When the news reporter asked whether it’s too fast to begin a new relationship when he just broke up with his ex few weeks ago, he replied “.” Meanwhile, Dome is going to have a new lakorn with Polyplus called “Tawan Tor Sang,” and the filming will begin earlier next year.

“If you ask me if there are any pretties I’m close to, of course there are because I’m the current presenter of a car brand, and I have to work with those pretties a lot,” he explained.

I hope to get around to making a new post on upcoming lakorns for 2017. But I'm still pretty busy with work and volunteer activities.

She entered the industry in 2008 but it wasn't until 2010 where she gained immense popularity and created a name for herself with her portrayal of the fearless, daring, Jeed in Duang Jai Akkanee. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the dramas in this four part series. Seriously people read more This was a completely fun Thai drama I've become a avid fan of Puttichai Put's growing body of work and his performance in this will not let you down.So I'll probably have to wait a couple of months when I'll have more time after the school year ends.

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For now, I wanted to highlight one of the bigger series this year, The Cupids, big in terms of length (8 lakorns consisting of ~5 to 10 episodes), but also this series features big stars (Boy Pakorn, Toey Jarinporn, Chompoo Araya, Ken Theeradeth, Cheer Thikumporn) and has been in planning for a while now so it has attracted a lot of attention.

4 years ago Phim created the company Cupid Hut which is a matchmaking company and he has 8 beautiful girls with the title Cupids that each has different department.